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March 17, 2009


Your disclaimer made me laugh. Thanks as always, for an interesting post!

Oh oh. The sky fell and no one noticed until, well . . .

Caveat emptor indeed. This was very intriguing. I do love Jon Stewart - I KNOW I get more information from him than anywhere else.

How sad that it's come to disclaimers. I was taught as a child to question. (Got me in a lot of trouble with the nuns!)
I don't need a discaimer to remind me to do so but I really loved yours!

And the NY Times has a Public Editor, an illusion of truthiness?

When I look at what that particular newspaper has become (and "the good old days" had many problems), the loss of newspapers and those trained in journalism begins to seem less of a loss. No, depending on political blogs is not my idea of getting news.

We need a shift to a different form. What is it? Oh, I'd hoped you had the answer.

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