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May 01, 2009


Thank You, hope to see you around occasionally. Passing through WC be sure to let me know.

Take Care!

I have loved reading your daily thoughts on life/motherhood/the world each day. You are an amazing writer; thank you for sharing yourself with us.

Carpe Diem. May your next endeavor bring you joy.

Thanks for sharing so much of yourself with us. In every new adventure, vaya con Dios!

I have loved reading your blog!!! You're an amazing writer and will miss your insights and creativity!!!

say it isn't so.

Your blog has kept me updated on you and your thoughts. So now, I gues you'll have to call me and keep me posted! You are a brilliant and prolific thinker and writer. And seeker. You love to the dirt, in your heart, in our brains. Your creativity and quick thinking will be missed. Your prayers, energy, and encouragement are a necessity in my life. Thanks for pieces of you that have been shared on motherpie. Namaste.

I understand the need for a break, but 'm hoping you come back to blogging soon. Your blog has such a marvelous mix of media and insights and interesting things to think about.

Have been blogging erratically so am just learning you're going in a different direction. Will miss reading you. Would welcome knowing where I can find you in the future.

I haven't blogged in a month myself, so I'm just now learning this. I will leave you on my blog roll, so when you do post I'll know. I am grateful to you for this blog - your posts have been educational, thought-provoking, and interesting at the same time. Not many people can manage all three.

It's been wonderful to follow your blog, but I do understand, I hardly ever blog these days, except to post a photo... I am a follower of yours on flickr and also twitter as claudecf. I will continue looking at your photos and maybe one day you'll feel like writing again

I miss you, Motherpie. Hope all is well with you all the time. God's Peace, Bellezza

Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww I miss you!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi Motherpie...I hope you are enjoying this phase of your life. I'm glad to hear you are happy. I will keep checking on you periodically. I haven't blogged for quite a long time but hope to back to it someday. I too am busy with doing life as a Mom so computer time is limited. That's ok. It feels good to keep my head in my solid world as much as the cyber world!
take care :-)

It is my first time here, and I like how you present your words - so simple and yet so precise. I can see that you're honestly happy with what is going on with your life now. I can feel it with your blog. And it makes me smile too. I will come back here. God bless you.

i just ran into barbara bird who told me all about your wonderful blog. am so sad that you are no longer writing. the good news for
me is that you have left it up for those who missed it to enjoy now!


wow, i can't believe you visited my blog! barbara told me all about
you. she is your biggest fan, and i'm such a big fan of!

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