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MotherPie’s Mother, diagnosed 21 years ago: Upon diagnosis, keep a daily journal of three things/day you are grateful for. Write them down and periodically re-read them. BC can bring blessings. Look for them.
Bosom Buddies and Breast Friends – join a group or start one yourself for friendship and support (Motherpie’s mom orders boobie cakes for her Breast Friends’ birthdays…)

Well, it’s not going to kill you (just-diagnosed woman’s personal blog)
Two Hands—lots of good links.
Claude’s Daily Snap—Claude started blogging when diagnosed with breast cancer. She posts a photo a day from her daily walks, mostly from where she lives in Paris. She is an incredible and gifted photographer.
Beating Breast Cancer is a site started by Marjory and Gordon Cameron to cope with Marjory’s breast cancer to help both themselves and others to deal more easily with breast cancer treatments.
The Cancer Grrrl – read Abigail aka Lorien as she describes her breast cancer experiences in a sharply observed, moving and witty manner

Community Sites
My Cancer Place – a community site for people with cancer.
Caring Bridge is a non-profit site where you can set up an online space to communicate to family/friends if you or a loved one is faced with bc or another illness.Care Pages is another site that lets you do this.

Resource Sites
Wiki for Radiation Oncology Breast
Susan G. Komen Foundation
National Race for the Cure
National Cancer Institute
Journal of the National Cancer Institute

New Gene Discovery Could Lead to Breakthrough in Breast Cancer Treatment
New Data: Breast Cancer Drugs
Welcome to Cancerland…by Barbara Ehrenreich
Inflamatory Breast Cancer Fact Sheet
Cadmium Exposure and Breast Cancer
Chest x-rays May Increase Breast Cancer
Breast Cancer Treatment Safe During Pregnancy
15 year-old Starts Site to raise money for Breast Cancer This is the Site
Obesity Increases Risk of BC
New European BC Gene Found
Artificial Light Increases Risk of BC
BC Genetics
Does Grilling Meat Cause Cancer a compilation of resources on the subject.
Weight Gain, (even moderate), After Menopause is B.C.Risk
Breast of Canada by Sue Richards, a calendar of BC prevention